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My name is Ron van der Grond. My website is dedicated to genealogical research in the region in which Strijen, Klaaswaal, Numansdorp and Zuid-Beijerland are located, the area in general where my father-to-father ancestors originally came from. Since a small year I have researched the name of my mother, Klein, in the former Dutch East Indies. Where this name originated in the Netherlands is not yet known. Little is known about her second husband, van der Hartt. I have come the furthest with the details of my father's wife, Stijnman. I have gratefully made use of the work of other researchers who have processed their results in a booklet called "Ten generations of Stijnman" (authors: Joop Stijnman - Dr� Stijnman - Jan Stijnman) for data from before 1925. The genealogical data from her mother's side, Schneider, almost entirely in Germany, are also mentioned on this site. In addition, some of the in-laws; Ebersold, Kessing, Jasin, Mansveld. Every day additions and changes take place. I appreciate every active participation. So send corrections, additions, photos or tell (fun or less funny) anecdotes. In addition to genealogy, I have added memories of enjoyed holidays and reunion with family on family days ==================================================================================================================== ACCORDING TO THE LAW PRIVACY OF MAY 2018, THE DETAILED INFORMATION OF STILL LIVE PERSONS WILL NOT BE STATED !!! EVEN PHOTOS. OBJECTION ?? PLEASE CONTACT !!

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